Our Purpose

iStock_000008945117_MediumYou’re a business owner and you’ve worked hard to achieve your professional goals. Isn’t it about time you refocused those efforts on your personal goals?

Established in 1992, Brent Dees Financial Planning is an independent financial services firm serving successful business owners across the Carolinas. While many financial planning firms focus on the securities business, we take a big picture approach. We aim to help you transition from being the sole decision-maker to a visionary and leader – from the business owning you, to you truly owning the business. With our guidance, you can be better equipped to discover and achieve your needs, goals, and aspirations.

Our hope is for you to build an organization that no longer requires you to perform roles that don’t play to your strengths. You’ll be able to turn your passion for the business back into strategy and innovation. Because your team will be handling the tactics, your business won’t continue to consume every waking hour. You’ll have time for friends, family, and community activities that may have been neglected.

Through consistent effort and a reputation for outstanding service, we have built a solid base of satisfied clients who recommend us to friends and colleagues alike. Our values of knowledge, experience, and professionalism are the principal elements on which we were founded and continue to operate today.

Has your business become personal? Contact us to see how Brent Dees Financial Planning can help.

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